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Horizon Towing's Experts on Flatbed Towing Vs. Dolly Towing

When you find yourself in a situation where you are in need of some sort of towing service, you must know that there are several options of carrying your vehicle off to the auto shop, and away from the road. Two of the most common towing options most towing and roadside assistance service providers offer, are flatbed towing and dolly towing.

What are the differences? Which is best to choose when you are in need of a towing service? Let us present you with the pro`s and con`s of each method so when the time comes you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

Flatbed Towing – Pro’s and Con’s

Flatbed towing is the best and safest towing method that you can choose to transport your vehicle. Why is that? Well, because of the way this method operates. When choosing a flatbed tow truck to carry your car away you choose a tow truck with a flat surface placed on the back of the truck.

When your vehicle is secured to that surface all four wheels are located on top of it and make no contact with the road. That way, while driving towards the auto shop, it doesn`t really matter if you run over bumps, gravel, or potholes along the way – your vehicle doesn`t get out of balance and it sustains no further damage.

In addition, your vehicle doesn’t need any other installments or adjustments to be placed upon it for enabling the towing process to proceed, besides the tow truck’s own means to secure it to its place.

However, the downside of this excellent towing method has to do with the price. Yes, because it is such a convenient and safe towing process, it also costs the proper dollar, and it is only fair, of course. Choosing a towing process which is extra careful with your vehicle and less aggressive while carrying it away, without tools and machinery that can scratch or dent it, comes with a price.

Dolly Tow – Pro’s and Con’s

This towing method relies on a dolly cart, which lifts the two front wheels of your vehicle while the other two wheels are left on the ground. The good part of the dolly tow method is that it is a lot cheaper than the flatbed towing method. Moreover – it keeps your mileage count as it was prior to the towing. That`s right, you don`t add extra mileage to your car, and that is a big mechanical plus.

The downside of dolly towing is that it is less safe than the flatbed tow truck, as two wheels are still touching the ground, risking possible damages that might occur along the drive. That fact directly affects the safety parameter, which is highly important to most drivers. It doesn’t mean something will necessarily happen to the towed vehicle, it just increases the risk.

The important thing to remember is that when something happens and you need to have your car towed, there’s no need to make hasty decisions – consult with experts and make an informed decision.

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